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Mark Szuszkiewicz announces his run for NYC City Council in South Brooklyn and he goes into details about his ideas
In this special episode host Mark Szuszkiewicz goes over his experience at #SAS2020 which is @Turningpointusa 's largest event of
Mark Szuszkiewicz is the host of Final Takes and a community leader. He was interviewed on Kids Want to Know
I, Mark Szuszkiewicz (who is the host of Final Takes ) debated the incumbent Mathylde Frontus in the race for
NY State Assembly candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz interviews former Biggest Loser trainer, Golden Gloves Champion, and activist Cara Castronuova. We go
NY State Assembly candidate and host of Final Takes Mark Szuszkiewicz IG (@Mark4NY) is interviewed on Uncensored America podcast
This is a series of videos going over the threat of Marxism. How other countries thought it wouldn't happen to
Ian Smith received National Media attention after opening his gym after 2 months of being forced to shut down.
On Saturday August 15th in City Hall Park, artist Scott Lobaido organized a rally to speak up against Mayor De
Prior to Mark Szuszkiewicz announcing his candidacy for New York State Assembly, he was interviewed by long time friend and
Back in 2013 Mark Szuszkiewicz hosted and produced a local NYC cable TV show caled "Not Politics as Usual"
Final Takes TV show is hosted by Mark Szuszkiewicz aka "Mark Skevich". Back in April 2020, he accepted the nomination