NYC Mayor Candidate Curtis Sliwa Interviewed by NY City Council Candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz

Final Takes Host and NYC City Council Candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz (@Mark4NY) interviewed 2 Republican Mayor candidates at his fundraiser in Staten Island recently. He asked both Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo questions that many voters are concerned about in NYC. Questions like how to help small businesses, helping the homeless, concerns about mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, and other issues. Curtis Sliwa also shares his idea about no kill shelters with animals, getting rid of speed cameras, and other topics. Watch this very interesting interview and make sure to click like and share so that other voters can be informed about how Curtis Sliwa feels about some of the issues and how he plans to fix them. Also Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti shares his thoughts on how the government has been attacking his business.

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