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Prior to Mark Szuszkiewicz announcing his candidacy for New York State Assembly, he was interviewed by long time friend and
Back in 2013 Mark Szuszkiewicz hosted and produced a local NYC cable TV show caled "Not Politics as Usual"
Final Takes TV show is hosted by Mark Szuszkiewicz aka "Mark Skevich". Back in April 2020, he accepted the nomination
In 2019 Mark Szuszkiewicz acted in a film called "The Needs" available now. Click to watch.
I got one of the best xmas gifts ever from my sis as I had the chance to drive a
In my first original TV episode of Final Takes I sat down with the internet sensation Hannah O'Flynn. We discussed
In an Interview with hip hop gamer on Hot 97 I was asked some sports questions and then asked who
Zab Judah
In this interview I talk with former world champion Zab Judah. He goes over his career including his fight with
In this interview I did with the champ we discuss unifying the heavyweight championship, the WBC belt being the real
In an interview with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Zacchilli, he discusses Kevin Durant's Achilles injury, as well as other sports
I interviewed former NBA All Star Vin Baker and I go over his career in the NBA and what it
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the pioneers of the WNBA T-Spoon and she goes over her basketball