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  • The Adventures of Lesko Brandon

    The adventures of Lesko Brandon Started on Halloween as he infiltrated a MAGA Halloween party and interviewed the party goers with his colleague Betsy Lyon (Bet She Lyin) of the Fake News Network. Some of the guests he interviewed included Trump Won flag dropper Dion Cini, Chris Wright, NY Governor candidate Derrick Gibson, and many others. He then infiltrated the New York Young Republicans’ Magaween event where he interviews project Veritas’ James O’keefe, Anti Vaxer that goes by the name @CurtisOrwell on Instagram and NYYRC president Gavin Wax.

    In order to really target white supremacy, he decided to go down south to the confederate states of Virginia and Tennessee. First in Virginia, he goes to the Freedom Uncensored event at Liberty University and interviews some of the people there. To Lesko’s surprise, many of the guests found that the founder of Young Americans Against Socialism Morgan Zegers was their favorite speaker. Another guest found that Eric Metaxas was her favorite. Lesko asks them why they believe what they believe. Then in Tennessee, Lesko interviews the guests at the Let’s Go Brandon Freedom Rally and Concert which include rappers of the chart topping song Let’s Go Brandon Bryson Gray, Forgiato Blow, Chandler Crump, and OfficialDVS7.0 who has the hit not going to take it song, which is about not taking the shot from Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. Other interviews include Social media influencer @realshekinah who Lesko refers to as a black white supremacist, the organizer of the rally, a speech from Lesko, and more.

    Lesko is obviously not really a stupid fake news reporter and these interviews are for comical purposes. Often times actual Mainstream media reporters ask these questions but they don’t use any of the actual responses from people. This is used for comical purposes and none of the statements here are being claimed to be factual. If you are offended by any of this, go and cry to someone who cares because I don’t. Thank you for watching and please like and share to help spread the hilarious adventures of Lesko Brandon.

    Also since Morgan Zegers was unavailable for interview by Lesko Brandon, here is an interview where she was interviewed by Mark Szuszkiewicz.

    Follow Morgan on Social Media @Morgan.Zegers and support her organization @yaas_America https://yaas.org/. You can also purchase some of her wooden flags at https://www.zegersfreedomflags.shop/

  • Mark Szuszkiewicz interviewed by Yura Dashevsky about Trump Flag drop, Fauci Emails, Voter Fraud.

    New York city council candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz was interviewed by Yura Dashevsky about his campaign, local NYC issues, national issues like voter fraud, Dr. Fauci’s email leaks, crime, homelessness, mental health, economic recovery, masks, vaccine passports, education, and more. Please Like, Share, and consider donating to Mark’s campaign at http://mark4nyc.com

  • NYC Mayor Candidate Curtis Sliwa Interviewed by NY City Council Candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz
    Final Takes Host and NYC City Council Candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz (@Mark4NY) interviewed 2 Republican Mayor candidates at his fundraiser in Staten Island recently. He asked both Curtis Sliwa and Fernando Mateo questions that many voters are concerned about in NYC. Questions like how to help small businesses, helping the homeless, concerns about mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, and other issues. Curtis Sliwa also shares his idea about no kill shelters with animals, getting rid of speed cameras, and other topics. Watch this very interesting interview and make sure to click like and share so that other voters can be informed about how Curtis Sliwa feels about some of the issues and how he plans to fix them. Also Mac’s Public House owner Danny Presti shares his thoughts on how the government has been attacking his business.
  • Mark Szuszkiewicz announces his run for NYC City Council and how to fix NY

    Mark Szuszkiewicz announces his run for NYC City Council in South Brooklyn and he goes into details about his ideas on how to fix New York City. His ideas include improving our education system with life skills classes, an after school video game program, funding affordable housing with municipal bonds, giving NYCHA residents the opportunity to rent to own, helping small businesses with an affordable deferred loan, helping the homeless with rehabilitation centers, counseling, job training, and other ideas. Mark is unanimously endorsed by every county committee member of the Brooklyn GOP and Kings County Conservative Parties. Mark is running in the 47th city council district which includes Coney Island, Bath Beach, Gravesend, and Bensonhurst Brooklyn. If you live in his district, you can vote for him on November 2nd, 2021. But whether you live in his district or not, you can help the fight to save New York by donating to his campaign at http://Mark4NYC.com

  • Final Takes on TurningpointUSA’s SAS2020

    In this special episode host Mark Szuszkiewicz goes over his experience at #SAS2020 which is @Turningpointusa ‘s largest event of the year and has an all star lineup of speakers. Mark goes into his experience meeting some of these incredible people including @realalexclark (who hosts the show @poplitics ) @theisabelbrown @amirxodom @realmagahulk @grahamallen1 @morgan.zegers (who is the founder of @yaas_america ) @officialjordanrachel @_kendalljones as well as clips from some of the great speakers including @bennyjohnson @charliekirk1776 @kimberlyguilfoyle @donaldtrumpjr Dennis Prager of @prageru @drrandpaul and @repmattgaetz . This is the full version before cutting an additional 15 minutes for the cable TV version. It was an absolutely incredible event and we hope that you enjoy the episode.

  • Mark Szuszkiewicz interviewed on Kids Want to Know

    Mark Szuszkiewicz is the host of Final Takes and a community leader. He was interviewed on Kids Want to Know in a cross promotional TV episode. Mark has had numerous professions and has volunteered for several children’s charities. In this interview we cover several topics on improving the community.

  • Mark Szuszkiewicz Debates Mathylde Frontus in the Race for NY State Assembly seat in the 46th Assembly District in South Brooklyn

    I, Mark Szuszkiewicz (who is the host of Final Takes ) debated the incumbent Mathylde Frontus in the race for the State Assembly seat in the 46th district of New York which is located in South Brooklyn. This was my first debate as a politician and we discussed several issues. There are a few things that I would like to add since I did not have the time to do so in the debate. The moderator asked me about my idea for life skills classes in schools. After my response, instead of sticking to the topic, my opponent decided to ignore the topic and talked about specialized schools and lowering the standards because there’s not enough students of certain races enrolled in these schools. Since I did not get to respond to that topic (that she was not asked to talk about), I will do so now. Specialized schools are for the most qualified students, regardless of race. If you have a student that is less qualified chosen over a more qualified student, just because there’s not enough diversity, that in fact is actually racist to do so. MIT has about 10% minority students and they don’t lower the standards to be more diverse. You are not doing any of the students any favors by admitting someone that isn’t qualified. If a less qualified student is admitted into the school, then that student may fall behind in understanding the curriculum. Aside from that student possibly failing, it will slow down the rest of the class. I am against the changes suggested to the schools designed for gifted students of all races. The other topic I would like to discuss is bail reform. I have no idea where the moderator got the statement that I ever said to “replace bail reform with better policing”. I never said anything like that. I have never even written anything about better policing anywhere. I explained that I never said that and how they are two different things. I discussed how I felt that bail reform was necessary, but not the current bail reform that has led to a rise in crime. I then discussed some of my ideas for better community-police relations. Then after I was done explaining everything, my opponent went back to the original misquote of “replace bail reform with better policing” (that I never said) and explained that they are two different things. Afterwards I had to remind her and everyone else, that I already stated that I never said that. One thing that we were able to agree on was that Cuomo has been given too much power. But what is she doing about it now? Why didn’t legislators put in the bill, that these emergency executive powers have to be voted on for renewal after 30 days or a different period of time? Why isn’t she working to change that now? Apparently since my opponent answers her own questions with the education topic and didn’t hear me when I stated that I never said that misquote regarding bail reform, my opponent didn’t listen when I talked and she was just focused on what she was going to say. This is a shame because one of the reasons why I decided to run for office, was to put my original ideas out there with the hopes that even if I lose, some of the other legislators can work to implement some of them to help the community. The direct link to my stance on bail reform is https://www.mark4ny.com/issues-page/#… . From there you can scroll to see some of my original nonpartisan ideas and other issues. The 46th assembly district is located in south Brooklyn and includes all of Coney Island where I was born, and parts of Dyker Heights, Brighton Beach, Bath Beach, and Bay Ridge where I’ve lived most of my life. If you live in any of those neighborhoods, I hope that you will consider voting for me. Thank You.

  • Mark Szuszkiewicz Interviews Cara Castronuova

    NY State Assembly candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz interviews former Biggest Loser trainer, Golden Gloves Champion, and activist Cara Castronuova. We go over the gym closures, lockdowns, healthy habits, boosting your immune system, and other topics.

  • Mark Szuszkiewicz Interviewed on Uncensored__ America Podcast

    NY State Assembly candidate and host of Final Takes Mark Szuszkiewicz IG (@Mark4NY) is interviewed on Uncensored America podcast IG (@Uncensored__America). They discuss the economy, trickle down economics, NYC crime, socialism, communism, Mayor De Blasio, New York Republicans, ideas that Mark Szuszkiewicz has to improve New York, and other topics.

  • Mark VS Marxism

    This is a series of videos going over the threat of Marxism. How other countries thought it wouldn’t happen to them and how communism is implemented by division. Videos include a former citizen of Venezuela explaining her story, a former KGB propagandist who explains ideological subversion, and many others.