Gym Owner Ian Smith interviewed by NY State Assembly Candidate Mark Szuszkiewicz

Ian Smith received National Media attention after opening his gym after 2 months of being forced to shut down.

Don’t Give Up The Ship Rally

On Saturday August 15th in City Hall Park, artist Scott Lobaido organized a rally to speak up against Mayor De Blasio and how the shutdowns are destroying New York.

Mark Szuszkiewicz interviewed by Liam McCabe

Prior to Mark Szuszkiewicz announcing his candidacy for New York State Assembly, he was interviewed by long time friend and former New York city council candidate Liam McCabe

“Not Politics as Usual” TV Show

Back in 2013 Mark Szuszkiewicz hosted and produced a local NYC cable TV show caled “Not Politics as Usual”

Mark Szuszkiewicz for NY State Assembly

Final Takes TV show is hosted by Mark Szuszkiewicz aka “Mark Skevich”. Back in April 2020, he accepted the nomination of the Republican and the Conservative party and is running for State Assembly in the 46th Assembly District of New York in South Brooklyn. Mark Szuszkiewicz is a pantologist politician who has worked in numerous…

Mark Szuszkiewicz acting in “The Needs” film

In 2019 Mark Szuszkiewicz acted in a film called “The Needs” available now. Click to watch.

Lamborghini or Ferrari?

I got one of the best xmas gifts ever from my sis as I had the chance to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. I chose the Lamborghini Gallardo and it was awesome. Now it wasn’t on a racetrack so I couldn’t get to a really high speed but it was fun. The kids watching…

Viral dunk video star Hannah O’Flynn discusses dunk, WNBA, and more. First Final Takes Cable TV Episode

In my first original TV episode of Final Takes I sat down with the internet sensation Hannah O’Flynn. We discussed how her viral dunk video caught the attention of numerous media outlets and even impressed NBA All Star Victor Olidipo. We discussed other creative internet videos, her love for basketball and music, the WNBA, and…

Final Takes’ Mark Skevich Calls out ESPN First Take’s Stephen A Smith on Hot 97

In an Interview with hip hop gamer on Hot 97 I was asked some sports questions and then asked who would I like to debate in the sports world and I called out Stephen A. Smith whom I’ve met before and I get into details in the interview. Make sure you click like, share, and…

Zab Judah Talks about his fight with Mayweather and his career

Zab Judah

In this interview I talk with former world champion Zab Judah. He goes over his career including his fight with Floyd Mayweather. He also goes over his future in boxing. Please like, share, and subscribe. Tag us on IG @FinalTakes in your videos for a chance to be on an upcoming episode of FinalTakes on…